Friends of the Lower Greenbrier River
Friends of the Lower Greenbrier River

Proposed Natural Gas Pipeline

Friends of the Lower Greenbrier River (FOLGR) believes the MOUNTAIN VALLEY PIPELINE (MVP) would

  • Disrupt communities and diminish property values, especially of adjacent properties; 

  • Cause erosion sediment pollution and road degradation congestion during construction;

  • Create noise pollution from construction and operation;

  • Accelerate fracking and climate change; 

  • Create a risk of dangerous accidents, creates a risk to our Greenbrier River, tributaries, and drinking water sources;

  • Jeopardize health and safety by risk of dangerous explosion.

We will join an alliance of landowners and advocates of sustainability to oppose oversized natural gas pipelines.

For the most up to date information on the proposed gas pipelines in our area, please check out the Mare Project at this website: 



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